Currently, most firms use a variety of computer modeling programs to produce 3D graphics. These often lack good composition, a balanced color scheme or proper viewpoint location. They are typically lifeless, and at best only represent form. Often, their poor composition can be distracting to the eye and may reflect poorly on the building design.

Proper judgement in the use and placement of entourage along with the accurate rendering of light and shadow are what make an illustration come to life. It takes more than a great building design to generate positive feedback from clients. A successful illustration allows others to see the design in the context of the real world, as a tangible part of its environment, imbued with life and activity.

We are happy to work with your computer models and typically use a variety of media to achieve the best results.

We can provide support at any phase of the development cycle, with the goal of communicating your ideas and enriching the design process.