About the Studio

Architectural Illustration

Welcome to Presentation Art Studio, and the specialized services of Rick Mullen, Illustrator. Rick is an award winning illustrator whose work has been featured in a variety of national and international publications.

Since 1983 Rick has specialized in architectural illustration and in that year started Presentation Art Studio in Bellingham, Washington. Rick has also worked professionally in graphic design, architectural drafting, sign design, architectural model construction and wildlife illustration.

Rick has established a wide variety of clients and continues to refine both his illustrative skills and artistic vision through an ever expanding range of projects. He has been a member of The American Society of Architectural Illustrators since the early 1990’s, and currently is a Allied Member of Northwest Washington Chapter of the American Institute of Architects NWAIA.

In short, the aim, here, is not to show how buildings look on drafting boards to theoretical designers but how they look in actuality to ordinary people.”

– Hugh Ferriss